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Financial Activism

Hey Rich Aunties. Excuse my lack of excitement, the weight of our current events, the plight of black taking a toll on me. Many of us are hitting the streets to stand on the front lines in an effort to get our no longer audible voices but cries heard on police brutality and the need for criminal justice reform.

But a lot of us are unable to be present on the front lines for any number of valid reasons. Being in the forefront Rich Auntie does not mean we aren't actively working to push this movement forward. Background Activism is a thing and is just as important as what I like to call Front Line Activism. You may be wondering what exactly qualifies as background activism. Well Rich Auntie here's a list of what I believe qualifies:

  1. Reporting your local racists posts on social media. It is therapeutic and I'd like to think it is a form of self care.

  2. Spreading accurate facts and reports from responsible journalists. There is a lot of fake news circulating on social platforms. Pushing accurate information combats mainstream media's propaganda.

  3. Educating the uniformed with facts backed by responsible sources. I am warning you, you will be emotionally drained doing this.

  4. Donating money to individuals, groups, and/or organizations committed to the helping the cause.

Now Rich Auntie that list is not all inclusive, but I want to call your attention to number 4. YRAA is hell bent on educating the masses on financial literacy and even in troubling times such as this she is dedicated to that mission. Support the cause but be smart and strategic when it comes to Financial Activism.

I bet you are wondering what I'm talking about. Donating is supporting right? Yes Rich Auntie that is correct, HOWEVER, don't throw the dough unless you know MMKAY! I feel confusion radiating from your pores, let me explain. There are individuals, groups and/or organizations that will take your money in support of the cause and will use that money for whatever they see fit. DO NOT BLINDLY GIVE YOUR MONEY! Find out all of the details about the individual, group and/or organization prior to donating. You need know what they are fundraising for, how the money will be disseminated, if there are overhead fees, and their track record for successful fundraisers. Find individuals, groups, and/or organizations that are local to what you are trying to support.

Don't Throw The Dough Unless You Know!!

Stay strong, stay encourage, but most importantly stay aware and safe. True freedom comes at a cost.

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